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December News

Welcome to December! Just 10 more days until our Christmas recital is upon us and 17 more days until Christmas Break is here! So here is our news for December:

We have had a absolutely terrific past few weeks! Our students have really gotten on board the Pennies for Practice challenge and I am SO proud of them. In fact, last week they practiced over 3,500 minutes between them, raising over $35 for Food for the Hungry! That is outstanding! We are over a third of the way to our goal of 10,000 minutes so keep up that practicing.
I’ve also heard some rumors that they have some little practice elves in their homes who have been up to all kinds of mischief! If a practice elf has been up to some mischief at your house, we’d love to see some pictures or hear all about it so post it to our Facebook page: We’d also love to hear some of your elf’s names. The elves in our house have been named Buddy and Annie. I’ve had one student tell me her elf’s name is Twinkle Toes! Isn’t that great?!

As I said, it is just 10 days to our Christmas Recital! Our 13th annual Christmas Recital will take place on December 13, 2013 in the main auditorium of the First Church of the Nazarene located at 14320 94 street at 6:30pm. Friends and family are ALL invited! We look forward to an exciting program of beautiful Christmas piano solos, ensemble numbers and even a beautiful grand finale sung by many of our students.
Because it Christmas and we have had a very busy fall filled with a whirlwind of activity, I’d like us to try to have a short social or reception after the recital once again. In the past, we have outgrown the fireside room that we used to socialize in so this time we are going to try have a reception in the foyer of the church. Hopefully this will provide us with a bit more space and be a slightly cooler place to relax and visit after our program. If you would like to stay and visit, please bring a plate of fingers food to share and we will have a “potluck” reception.

Our last week of lessons for 2013 will be December 16-18. These will once again be all studio master classes in lieu of our regular lessons. I have a fun filled time of music celebration planned for that week, including a Christmas-themed Video of the Month! Please choose from the follow times and RSVP by email (when you reply, put your student’s name and time in the subject and it will be easier for me to find. Outlook tends to group replies with the same subject and it can be easy to miss a reply this way):

Monday, December 16, 4-5pm

Monday, December 16, 6-7pm

Tuesday, December 17, 6-7pm

Wednesday, December 18, 5-6pm

Christmas break will run from December 19-January 5 with regular lessons resuming on January 6, 2014



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