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December Video of the month ~ part 3 and 4

So this week is masterclasses and I have been sharing video 3 and 4 along with some composing, games, spending our Pennies for Practice in the Food for the Hungry gift catalouge and sharing some fun piano “play” ideas for over the Christmas season! We’ve been having a lot of fun. But especially fun has been sharing these two videos. My students enjoyed the different sound of The Piano Guys “We Three Kings”….noticing especially the unusual meter of it! They spend some time trying to figure out the time signature and if it was truly different from the regular 3/4 time it is normally written in.

My favorite reaction of the week was to the Rudolph Merry Christmas. When one of my little students saw it, she said, “Oh my gosh! He’s going to kill himself!” We all had a good laugh because this video was more just for fun! Enjoy!


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