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January Video of the Month ~ a Kung Fu Happy New Year

I have been waiting to share this video with you for several months, but I thought I would wait until the Christmas season was over…and it worked out well because both our calendar New Year and the Chinese New Year fell in January this year! It seemed fitting then, to share with you a video that was filmed ON the great wall of China–that is NOT a green screen, they were actually able to obtain a permit to film there–a miracle in itself! I showed this video to my own two children and they just loved it….they want me to tell you to make sure you watch all the way to the end for a funny little surprise. 😉

I love how seamlessly and hauntingly the Piano Guys put together the Kung Fu Panda theme of “Oogway Ascends” and Frederic Chopin’s “Prelude no.20” (also know as the “Funeral Prelude”–how fitting is that?) Definitely a “chills down your spine” kind of feeling!

All the sounds you hear in this video were created by the piano, cello and Asian percussion. Listen to how Steve uses his electric cello to mimic the sounds of the Chinese fiddle called the Erhu and the plucked instrument, Guqin. Perhaps you will want to google more examples of these two instruments! In the meantime, enjoy “Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends”. 🙂

And if you’d like to see just how they got that piano on the Great Wall! Check this out!


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