September Piano Newsletter 2015

Here we are into our second week of lessons and what a fantastic and energizing couple of weeks it has been!  It’s been wonderful to catch up with all the returning students and parents as well as meet and get to know our new ones!  I can tell already we are going to have a FANTASTIC year!  Just a few quick things to go over with you and keep you posted as to what’s coming and where to find things!  Please read this newsletter THOROUGHLY as it contains a lot of info for this upcoming semester.  Each monthly newsletter will have important dates/events.

MYC FAMILIES (Sunbeams/Moonbeams):
For those of you just starting the Sunbeams 1 piano class this year, we welcome you!  As well as a big welcome to the new students who have transferred in.  With our MYC classes the first 4 weeks are truly crucial to attend as they are when our class learns (and/or reviews for levels 2/3s) SO much and builds our new routine.  Things also progress VERY quickly in those first few weeks so I encourage you to do anything you can to make sure you attend those classes…even if it seems like you might be late, come anyway!!  Better to get in on 30-45 minutes of the class, then nothing at all.  I always have spare books on hand if those were left at home.  (If you are very sick or just unable to attend, let me know in advance and we can see about Skyping of Facetiming in to the class or the possibility of a recorded class…this takes advance notice though.) Parents who are “trading off” on weeks or sending a “sub” in their place….be sure to fill in that poor parent or grandparent as to what their role will be when they arrive…many poor visiting helpers have no idea they are supposed to sit in and participate and copy down the homework sheet!

Many of you are familiar with parking in the cul de sac, but just a reminder:  There’s room for a couple of vehicles to park directly in front of my house/front yard perpendicular to the sidewalk and another may parking directly behind my blue van as I will not be going anywhere during class Emoji, there is also room for another couple of vehicles to park directly across the cul de sac parallel to the brown fence.  Please do not park on my driveway or block the free space on my driveway or block neighboring driveways.

It is really IMPORTANT to read and review the policies sheet again this year….it covers everything you need to know from tuition to missed lessons.  Please find in the above tabs of this webpage!

CALENDAR:  Click on the Schedule and Claendar tab above for the most recently updated calendar and schedule.
It has been updated to include what’s on the schedule for the first half of the year.  When you look at it you will see we will have regular lessons and classes for the first 4 weeks, then we will have a special week of masterclasses during the week immediately following THANKSGIVING.  During that week there will be no regular classes or lessons instead there will be a special schedule of master classes during that week and you may choose any ONE of the times offered.  These master classes are very fun, UNPARENTED (so all you faithful MYC parents have an hour to relax rather than participate for a change), work on particular skills or a special theme and provide a way for the students to get to know a few more students in the studio and have even more familiar faces at recital time.  It also allows the Monday students to enjoy a long weekend without missing out on a lessons.  More details will come in the October newsletter at the end of next week!  Here is a quick glance of the calendar so far for the fall (note the Christmas Recital date!Emoji) Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar!

2015/2016 Calendar. There will be 34 lessons and 2 recitals that will take place between September 14th, 2015 and June 15th, 2016. Occasionally regular scheduled lessons may be cancelled and special all studio masterclasses offered.
Week 1 September 14-17 Regular lessons and classes begin
Week 2 September 21-24
Week 3 September 28-Oct 1
Week 4 October 5-8
Week 5 October 12-15 ALL STUDIO MASTERCLASSES; no regular lessons and no lessons on Holiday Monday!
Week 6 October 19-22
Week 7 October 26-29
Week 8 November 2-6
Nov 9-15 NO LESSONS; STUDIO CLOSED for fall break and Christmas recital prep
Week 9 November 16-20
Week 10 November 23-26
Week 11 November 30-Dec 4
Week 12 Dec 7-11 regular lessons AND CHRISTMAS CONCERT, Friday December 11th, 6:30pm
Week 13 Dec 14-17 ALL STUDIO MASTERCLASSES; no regular lessons!

FACEBOOK:  for those of you new to the studio this year, I often post updates, blog posts and resources on Facebook as well as upcoming concerts you might be interested in.  It’s another great way to keep in touch, so head on over and “like” the page!

Thank to all of you who turned in September’s fees (and beyond!)  For those of you who ran out of cheques, please be sure to order and submit October-June cheques by next week.  Thank you!

Have a wonderful week!


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