March Piano News

March is off to a flying start with many things going on, so let’s get to it!
  • First and foremost on minds right now is the COVID-19 (Corona Virus).  We are such a global and well-traveled community now.  I know many of you have been on holiday to Mexico and beyond in the last few weeks and even I have been in a couple of airports.  Studio policy for sickness remains the same with the same recommendations as always but let’s review:  please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before coming into your lesson and touching the piano or keyboards AND please do not come to lessons sick.  In addition keyboards and instruments are being lysol wiped after each class. Should anyone be quarantined for a period of time we have options.  For private lessons, we can do facetime or video lessons.  For classes, I always send the homework for absences but for extended absences of two weeks or more, you could opt to join our class through Zoom or Facetime or there is a possibility I can record classes and send you a link to follow along when better (Zoom makes this possible).  However, I will need 24 hours notice to get a Zoom link prepared for you.  Just some things to keep in mind.  Most importantly, let’s work to keep our studio healthy through our usual good hygiene!
  • On a lighter note, March is birthday month in the studio!  We are always celebrating birthdays throughout the year but I like to dedicate the month of March to learning Happy Birthday!  I think it’s appropriate because it is, after all, MY birthday this month! 😉 It’s also Music for Young Children’s 40th birthday this month.  Every student will be learning to play  Happy Birthday whether through notated music, by ear or improvising with a lead sheet!  Your challenge will be to play it beautifully for me before Spring Break!  And speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday to Malcolm S on Tuesday the 10th and to Lauren B and Brennan on the 27th (that’s the day after my birthday! wink, wink).  Be sure to get something from the Birthday Box!
  • RECITAL:  Just a reminder that the Spring Recital, Musicians in Bloom, will be Sunday, May 3rd, 1:30pm at St Albert Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Mark your calendars!
  • Spring Break is almost here.  We will have a two-week break to accommodate the various school districts this year.  No lessons from March 23-April  5, let’s hope Spring arrives!

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