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Summer Fun and Preparations for the Fall!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s August already! Where is the summer going? I had all these plans and so many things I wanted to do. And I have done some of them, I suppose. I completely re-organized all of my music and now everything is neat and orderly in Magazine folders with labels on my bookshelves. My registration binder (or bible!) is all cleaned out and organized with the registration for the fall and ready for even more new registration!
Last summer I made a floorstaff carpet and, this summer, I still hope to make a floor keyboard carpet! But there are already so many exciting things around the corner that I’m not sure I’ll have time! Next week is the MYC teachers semi-annual professional development meeting in Red Deer. Then the following week I am hosting the Edmonton APTA teachers for a coffee meet and, the day after that,  participating in a Royal Conservatory iScore webinar and, before we know it, lessons will begin on September 10th–the very same day Paul Coates and the Practice Monster should be arriving in our city to do a fun-filled and inspiring workshop about turning practice into exploration!
It’s not the summer of lounging and reading that I thought it would be, but is sure has and will continue to be crammed full over fun over the remaining three weeks!
And for those of you still on the fence about piano lessons or music classes, check out the schedule on my MYC website:

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Registration time is here again!

Spring is in the air–off and on, at least! It seems that one day we have beautiful spring sunshine and the next day is a snowfall/blizzard warning!

Regardless of the weather, Spring is usually a time for cleaning and organizing for me. I’ve been sorting through the closets in our house, rearranging my studio and putting together my schedule for next year and opening up registration for the next term–September 2012.

As we begin to wrap up this year, we also start to plan for next year! Funny how that works. So, if you are planning your schedule and looking at registering or re-registering, you can check the schedule on: