Music for Young Children ~ ages 3-8

Accelerated Piano Lab ~ ages 9 and up

Adult Lessons ~ 18 and up

Online Lessons ~ all ages


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Music for Young Children: weekly small group piano classes of 4-6 students, ages 3-8.

Why start with a small class setting? There are some big benefits for kids who begin learning in a group setting.  1. GREAT RHYTHM: Pianists can sometimes struggle with rhythm due to the fact that they usually play by themselves, but when kids learn in a group setting they learn to keep time and work in an ensemble.  2. MORE HOME PRACTICE: Group learning is social and motivating.  They will want to keep up with their classmates and will look forward to the fun with friends each week and will be more motivated to practice at home. 3. MORE SKILLS: The hour long setting allows time for them to learn so much more than just piano.  There will be singing, games, composing, ear training and piano improvisation, too! 4. CONFIDENCE: Working in a small group they receive encouragement from their peers, see that they are not alone when it comes to learning the challenging parts and gain self-confidence.

Tuition is $1000 per year plus annual books/materials fee for weekly 55-60 minute small group lessons (4-6 students) running September thru June. Payable in 10 monthly installments.


Accelerated Group Piano Program for 9 and up (for MYC grads and later beginners)

This lab-style program consists of weekly group lessons.  The fun and motivating small class setting addresses the number one problem piano students face: the difficulty of home practice! This is often because traditional private lessons just don’t offer enough time.  In these accelerated small classes of 4-6, students will spend 60 minutes in a structured but safe environment with a professional teacher empowering them to build problem solving skills, self-direct their learning and navigate their music independently so they can become confident musicians. They will receive the one on one attention they need as well as the space to work through it on their own. The will receive encouragement from those around them, gain self-confidence, progress faster and enjoy lessons more!

Tuition for weekly 60 minute classes are $100 per year or $100month and includes 5 master classes and 2 recitals.


Private Piano Lessons for adults, online students and  late intermediate or advanced students.

Tuition depends upon lessons time required each week.

Tuition includes: 34 lessons per year (4-5 of which will 60 minute fun-filled, theme-based masterclasses), 2 recitals and much more! Tuition is payable in 1, 2 or 10 equal installments via post-dated cheques at the beginning of the year.

Click here to see class times and sign up: http://mmmusicstudio.com/check-the-schedule/



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