Piano Lesson Success

Conservatory Canada Gold Medal

Congratulations go to my student, Jessica! She received the Conservatory Canada Gold Medal of Excellence for the highest mark in Alberta for a Level 2 Contemporary Idioms Piano Exam. I am extremely proud of her and the other two students, Dexter and Delaney, who decided to challenge the relatively new Contemporary Idioms exams last June. This was the first I had ever prepared students for this type of exam and being a classically trained pianist and Royal Conservatory alumnus through and through, it was a bit of a learning curve for me and definitely out of my comfort zone! But with one student receiving a Gold Medal, one receiving Gold standing and one receiving First Class Honors, it was a great reminder to me that trying something new, no matter how intimidated or unqualified you may feel, can be extremely rewarding! I am incredibly grateful to Canadian composer and teaching colleague, Andrew Harbridge, in Ontario for answering all of my emails so promptly and thoroughly, his support and encouragement kept me going! What an exciting journey this has been and what fun to take part in this exciting and inspiring new Conservatory program!