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Our Rockin’ Spring Recital 2014

May 9th was our 13th annual Spring Recital and our we incorporated our Rockin’ the Practice theme right in there with a recital filled with Piano Rock Stars! It came a wee bit early this year. Normally, we wouldn’t have our recital until the first Friday of June. However, the church we always use was planning on beginning large-scale renovations on the main auditorium at that time and I was going to be away the week before that so…We had our recital a month earlier.

This was a busy time for many of us. Several students had multiple things going on that weekend…we did, too! In fact, a couple students had to race from recital to dance competition. Yet even with all that, only 2 students missed the recital and that was due to illness NOT scheduling conflict. Thank you for your dedication!

Now, you may not want to hear this, but I have just loved the earlier recital! I actually would like to try and do an earlier recital every year! Seriously! You see, normally at this time of year we are all drilling recital pieces and feeling the stress as we juggle sports and dance and exams and race towards the end of the year and I grow more grey hairs as students get sick and miss lesson or miss due to sports games….but not this year! These past two weeks of lessons have been so relaxed and so fun AND we are even learning new pieces! It’s like a completely different studio and I am LOVING it! So just to warn you….this early Spring recital?! It could become a “thing”! 😉

I tried once again to get some video clips and photographs, but had several technical difficulties with my silly little iPhone. I’ll share a few clips and pictures here with you BUT if you have any you could email or share on the Facebook page I would just love it! I’d really like to get back to working on a studio scrapbook this summer and would welcome your pictures!

Here are some of our soloists (I am SO sorry I didn’t get everyone!)

A few of our ensembles and our great MC’s:

A huge congratulations to our Moonbeams 3 class as they graduate from group piano classes!
MB3 grads

It takes 3-5 years of dedication to earn that medal, but it is SO worth it!

And let’s not forget the parents who not only drove them to class, but worked, played and sang right along with us! You’re awesome!

Congratulations and best wishes as you continue to prepare for your Royal Conservatory exams next month!